WCSM Newquay 2018

World Conference on Surfing Medicine 24 till 28th of September 2018 Surfing Medicine International hosted the World Conference on Surfing Medicine. As a member of the organisation we decided to drive to Newquay from the Netherlands for the perfect combination of #VANLIFE and surfing medicine. We took the ferry to Dover and drove to Newquay.... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Foraging and Cooking Clams

In our recent trip to France you might have read that we foraged and cooked our own clams. Super delicious! Although easy, there are some things to keep in mind. In this blog you will learn about foraging and cooking your own delicious clams. You will need a bucket to keep all your clams a... Continue Reading →

France – Quiberon area

In the second week of our trip we stayed in the Quiberon area. A cool peninsula on the south coast of Brittany. It's shape allowed us to surf a load of different spots. Let us give you an overview of the area. Surf spots Quiberon offers surf spots for all levels of surfers, ranging from... Continue Reading →

Vanlife in France

An overview of our first travel week! Last week we drove to France, ending up in the far point of Brittany. We had packed the van (aka Douglas) in the days before. On Saturday I drove home from my last shift of a set of nightshifts. Exhausted, but ready to go! Axel drove the first... Continue Reading →

Road trip prepping

What to bring on your roadtrip! Get ready for the ultimate list! We just left home with our VW type 2 in search for some waves in France. So this packing list is really up to date. I had to pack whilst working nights shift. A list like this helps me to not forget anything!... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Overnight Oatmeal

The ultimate breakfast for surfers or anyone getting ready for an active day! Together with one of the dieticians at work I came up with this recipe. We were talking about a problem which I am sure a lot of people can relate to... being hungry again one hour after breakfast. This was a real... Continue Reading →

Lights, Music .. Action!

Offline and off the grid!  Plugging your electronics into a socket at a campsite is easy enough. But what to do when you are off the grid? Step one, and this is the recommended step, get your electronics installed correctly, with a spare battery for running all your appliances. But even then, if you are... Continue Reading →

The Library

Books you need Some people state everything can be found on the World Wide Web nowadays, and Internet connections are even up in more remote locations. However, there may be times and places where the Internet is not so accessible, and you still need access to information to repair your van. Or, just like me,... Continue Reading →


Foodies Unite! We love cooking, and we especially love cooking in the van. Who doesn't love the cozy feel of a home-cooked meal, whilst soaking up the sun and chilling in your van. Also, on the road we often find fresh and exotic ingredients, which we cannot get at home. Over the years we have... Continue Reading →

Trip of a lifetime

Douglas the van, the kombi, the bay, the veedub, the bus, the camper. Together we shared many adventures on the road. Surfing together with friends and family we have visited big parts of the French, Spanish and English coast. For many travellers the trip is just a way to get to an end destination, but... Continue Reading →